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Autointelli helps enterprise organizations to shift left from traditional way of managing the IT operations into a modern digital operations. Automation is essential to digital operations. Autointelli's products and services helps client take advantage of full spectrum of intelligent automation.

Alert, Analyze, Act and Resolve your incidents faster and increase your operational efficiency.

Autointelli is here to transform your traditional workloads and enable innovation in your IT Operations.


Alert Intelligence

Are you getting bombarded with Alert Emails? Configure Autointelli to smartly suppress the events, Create customizable event filters. Scheduled Expiry of Event Filters and so much more. Reduce Alert Noise up to 50%

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Self - Service Automation

Digital Knowledge Base

Convert all your Manual and Time consuming SOPs into Digital SOP with Autointelli and work like a PRO. Autointelli supports powerful Regex capable Data extraction from the Existing alerts and allows you to create policies and map those policies with Automation Workflows to achieve E2E Incident Response.

Incident Response Automation

Create Re-Usable Multistep workflows that scale. At Autointelli we believe in simplicity and same way we created our products as well. You do not need complex DSL's or Query Languages to create automated Workflows. Use your everyday commands but create complex tasks easily.

Root Cause Analysis
Self - Service Automation

Powerful APIs

Workflows that scale, All the workflows you create can be scheduled and triggered from external systems through APIs which enables organizations to create automations across their in-house or 3rd party application and systems.

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