Real-Time Dashboards & Capacity Planning

Visualize your business performance in powerful analytics.

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Monitoring the key performance parameters of your business is not easier in a traditional business setup. There is a chance that you may miss your business internal and external SLA parameters, element-specific and overall business growth metrics.

The challenges businesses face without teal-time dashboards and capacity planning are:

Difficulty in accessing changing performance and capacity requirements.

Unable to keep track of cost drivers like network usage, storage utilization, and cloud usage.

Unable to analyze the historical data to determine the future metrics earlier.

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Autointelli real-time dashboards allow you to visualize IT performance by applying a series of machine learning algorithms from which you can spot performance changes, troubleshoot issues and fix changing capacity-needs. You can also access simple, real-time and predictive forecasting of network usage, storage consumption, and cloud usage. By applying predictive analytics, we provide evaluated historical data from which you can make predictions on unknown future events.

With capacity planning, you can easily access the changing performance and capacity requirements. You can easily analyze past data to determine future values. You can also get reports periodically (day, week, month or year) on all business metrics.


Get flexible reports on key networks, storage, and operating systems.

Get component/service-level metrics.

Make use of customized display formats to keep track of your business metrics.

Build customized dashboards for monitoring your business.

Create different dashboards for different users.

Get a complete view of IT operations.