Event Management & Correlation

Reduce Noise level. Avoid Performance Deterioration. Minimal Alerts to Troubleshoot.

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Organizations’ service desk and NOC/SOC teams will be overwhelmed when they receive enormous incidents. Failing to remediate incidents within the given time limit will impact business performance.

The major operational challenges faced by organizations are:

Incident diagnosing becomes tougher and unable to auto-resolve frequent alerts.

No insights from previous incident actions.

They cannot easily address the repeated alerts.

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The scalable Autointelli AIOps platform integrates with various ITSM, monitoring tools and automation tools to process incidents and drive quick resolution by NOC/SOC teams.

Managing bulk events at ease for effective administration.

Prioritize events based on business importance.

Alerts incidents to service desk team on time.

Escalates the alerts to the right person for quick resolution.

Ensures consistent system performance.

Powerful alert correlation before sending an alert.


Automated diagnosis through AI bots.

Enriched alerts.

Less Mean time to ratio .

Reduce the noise level.