Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Discover relationships between different applications, storage, and organizational assets.

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Your organization may access different technologies across the IT Ops environment. Some of the technologies are often used are cloud servers, SDN technologies, custom or COTS applications, converged infrastructures, ITSM and ticketing tools, and virtual environments.

As organizations use multiple technologies, they may face the following challenges:

Unable to automatically discover and map dependencies.

Inefficient to monitor CMDB.

Unable to monitor the progress of IT resources.

Identifying dependencies among different IT elements.

Inefficient to identify the unused asset in your IT environment.

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Autointelli AIOPs automatically discover and map the dependencies in real-time among the network, cloud computing servers and storage devices and monitoring tools. So, it easily monitors the performance of CMDB and enhances the performance of IT resources. It offers scalability and performance improvement for any companies. Autointelli presents the dependencies in a single console by showing how the different elements relate and help to identify the unused assets in an organization.


Identifies the dependencies of different IT elements.

Spot unused organizational assets.

Optimize CMDB and usage of IT resources .

Maps all dependencies and presents everything in a single console.