Automated Incident Management and Remediation

Predicts incidents faster. Remediates swiftly.

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As the service desk and NOC/SOC teams suffer from enormous incidents, there is a need for a solution to process the incidents and resolve them faster. Below are the challenges faced by the organizations to troubleshoot incidents on time and meet their SLA requirements:

Inefficient to identify and resolve the incidents.

Unable to get the insights from previous incidents actions.

Cannot track/resolve repeated incidents.

Unable to get required insights.

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With the power of AI, it correlates the events much faster and alerts incidents that require service team assistance. Repeated and simple incidents are fixed by AI bots. It seamlessly integrates with multiple tools including ITSM tools, automation tools and more.


Insights from an asset lifecycle.

Automated diagnosing using AI bots.

Alert enrichment.

Incident recommendations.

Incident essentials.