Incident Auto Heal

Incident Management made easy with Autointelli AIOps

Autointelli AIOps automates incident response and remediation by fetching data from chat, incident metrics, and system monitoring data into our powerful machine learning algorithms to resolve incidents proactively. The incidents are matched automatically from similar and previous incidents and escalated to respective engineers. With enriched alerts, our platform helps you to fix issues instantly.

“Now you can easily investigate and fix IT disruption before it affects your business performance!”

Autointelli AIOps incident auto-heal ensures quick and automated event response and remediation throughout the incident management lifecycle.

" How we perfect incident auto heal?"

Autointelli correlates the events from all third party tools and rapidly reduces emergency alerts.

Our platform priorities alert based on importance, so you don’t spend more hours on insignificant tasks.

Minimizes downstream impact by finding a major root cause that rules all the alerts.

It escalates to the right team to quickly fix the incidents and enhance the customer experience.

Solves repeated and minor issues solved by LI and L2 teams before your customer complains about the application performance.

Seamlessly integrates with the best of the breed extensions, so you no need to swap screens.

How does Incident Management work?

incident Management Work

Unprecedented Features of Incident Management

Triage in Autointelli AIOps is a smart way of solving the issues with accessing the simplified options available.

Using triage, you can reach the system that needs attention, kill a running program, restart the system, check memory and disk usage and make the system work normally.

To resolve the tedious issues, the system engineer can take the system on remote and solve the issue easily. They can access the remote desktop feature anywhere to solve the customer issues on time to provide uninterrupted experience.