HDDM - Host Discovery and Dependency Management

HDDM ensures your business runs smoothly 24/7

HDDM or Host Discovery and Dependency Management is a crucial component to keep critical operations running all the time. When any disruptions occur in your environment, our HDDM will record them which helps you to understand how it impacts your business and how to avoid it in the future. The automated HDDM will discover assets, relationships, and an end to end business services.

The complete information that takes place in the IT environment flows into the HDDM which is real-time and event-driven; HDDM plays a critical role in application management and security operations. Autointelli AIOps HDDM uses a combined method to correlate things including event, event source, content, device type, and preconfigured logic; it drastically reduces noise and helps to diagnose the issues faster and easier.

How HDDM works?

autointelli HDDM


Password vault manages your passwords used for different websites or applications. It encrypts the password and securely stores using Industry leading algorithms and allows you to diagnose and remediate your issues securely.

Asset discovery management discovers and obtains data from various technology assets that are connected to a network to ease tracking.

HDDM provides accurate inventory by monitoring the pre-ordered, back ordered or out of stock.