“Smartly correlate your events across sources and fix issues without affecting business performance”

IT infrastructure experiences enormous abnormalities including service deviations, application issues, server slowdown, and others. To ensure the proper functioning of business, it is essential to monitor the events across IT infrastructure and operations.

However, event management is the biggest challenge for organizations; Autointelli has introduced the right approach for effective event management & auto-remediation with our Intelliops platform.


Event management

Combines all monitoring tools and feeds all events into event management.

With advanced correlation and deduplication techniques, it reduces alert volumes.

It analyzes different patterns to proactively detect issues before it becomes a problem.

Provide well-defined notifications.

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Self - Service Automation

Application Mapping

Easily discover and map business services and applications.

Quickly maps alerts with business services to detect service impact.

It correlates events changes, incidents, and CI information by creating a complete view of service health.

Provide service dashboards to track KPIs.


Auto Remediation

By using predictive analysis, it detects underlying issues.

Auto remediation is enabled using the orchestration workflows.

Initiate other actions according to defined rules including creating tickets for an unresolved issue.

Root Cause Analysis

Still curious, see how the Autointelli platform works for your business.


Improve service availability.

Enhance the value of existing IT tools.

Understand underlying service issues.

Identifies issues and take action to reduce service outages.

Capable of handling millions of events per day to obtain automated analytics and provide insights to keep a critical business at peak.

Reduce MTTD (Mean Time to detection).

Reduce MTTA (Mean Time to Acknowledge).

Reduce MTTR (Mean time to resolution).

Enhance customer experiences & productivity.

Automated workflows with out-of-the-box integrations, incident management, automation, and continuous processes for responsiveness at scale.