“ Reduce manual tasks, enhance productivity and accelerate your business performance with Intelliflow “

Autointelli’s Intelliflow is a Business Process Orchestration platform that reduces the amount of time, money and effort spent by businesses by introducing automation, validation, and workflows wherever appropriate.

Autointelli is expertise in orchestration and automation solutions for various domains and industries. Intelliflow platform orchestrates and controls the execution of business processes across a hybrid IT environment.

Our platform provides a unified view of all components in the infrastructure, rather than as a set of applications and databases. By orchestrating the business process, you can able to manage the process even outside the enterprise. With the Intelliflow platform, business people can define what they want, easily but with a high degree of precision, and establish intercommunication within the infrastructure.


Process Orchestration

End-to-end process management with options to enable or disable the process.

Support standard workflow operations including work initiation, rule processing, parallel, and Adhoc test routing.

You can orchestrate people, processes, systems and things for streamlined operations.

It supports the workflow operation including initiation, rules processing, parallel and Adhoc processes to deliver high performing business operations.

Process Orchestration
Self - Service Automation

Workflow automation

The manual and time-consuming processes are transformed into automated processes that take your business to the next level.

Workflow automation reduces processing time and manual errors.

With automation, you can improve efficiency and time.

You can easily identify patterns and find and resolve bottlenecks to optimize the process.

Better process execution for improved performance and resource utilization.

With GUI based process editor, you can seamlessly create your automation with very limited coding.

Share your workflows and processes online to keep up to date with policies and procedures.


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Reduce repeated and mundane tasks using automation, error finding and workflow.

Reduce errors and repeated tasks by enabling workflows and deduplication.

Integrate isolate systems together to initiate intercommunication and remove duplication.

Cut costs associated with day to day operations and long-term operating costs.

Improve resource performance and productivity.

Standardize day to day business operations.

Manage process changes.

Improved collaboration and better communication.

Quick response rate.

Improve customer service.